Friday: 1:45 PM

Today was the fifth day, I was returning to my office building without seeing her. I do not know how and when it became my routine to go for a post lunch walk with my office friends to another office building nearby. A month back, when I first saw her sitting on bench outside a restaurant under her office building and I and my friends sat on another bench placed just opposite to that bench. I kept staring at her for some time and thinking, how can someone be so simple and so beautiful at the same time. The girls I have seen and I see daily in my office are using a lot of make up to look attractive, but this girl, I can see have applied no make-up, wearing a blue jeans and blue top, but looking extremely beautiful to me. After sometime she stood-up and went back to her office. I wanted to follow her on that day, but as m friends are with me I could not.

After that day, it became my routine to go to that building for a post lunch walk everyday and see her. After few days, I tried to make eye contacts with her, but every time we crossed each other she either start talking to her friend or start looking at floor. After 2-3 days, I succeeded in eye-contact. I tried to pass a smile, which she completely ignored (I think so…). She always came with her friends, so I could not find a chance to meet her in alone and have talk, but still I tried to pass smile whenever our eyes met. I think it became her routine too to come for walk exactly on the same time (I think, there was some unsaid agreement between us 🙂 ).

Just two days before, before she stopped coming there, she started replying to smiles. I began thinking about approaching her to talk and offering friendship. But then she stopped coming, why did she do that? Did she get some project with more workload? Has she transferred to some other location? Is she sick and so taking leaves? Did she change her lunch timing? A lot of questions start raising their heads in my mind. I don’t know where to go to get any information about her. Then I thought, “Yes…I have seen her TAG, I can find the company in which she is/was working.” I asked a guy wearing similar tag, his company name. After finding company, I was thinking about getting her mail id, but alas, I do not know even her name. How can I reach to her now? Today is Friday, so I have to wait for Monday to check if I can see her on Monday or not.

Monday: 12:45 PM.

As usual I went to her building for after lunch walk. I walked there for more than an hour. I just want to ensure that I can see her if she came today and changed timing of walk. But cursing my bad luck, I start walking towards my building. Just trying my luck last time or today, I turned my head to gate of her building and suddenly I saw her coming out of it. I stopped, took a U-turn, went for another lap of walk. We crossed each other, our eyes met, I gave her an angry look, but she just smiled. Her right hand approached to her hairs to settle them, I smiled, how silly, there is not much air flowing today here and she is settling her hair, which are already settled and very well pinned. We crossed again; she smiled and again started settling her hair, this time before any stupid could come to my mind an image of a diamond fixed in a golden ring formed in front of my eyes. My eyes became wider, some drops came out of my eyes, and I wipe those with my hand and returned of my office with a heavy heart and humid eyes. I could not do any work after lunch today and of course, that was my last walk near that building. 😦

Tuesday: 12:45 PM.

After lunch we came down to the ground floor of our building, I suggested my friends to walk inside our building only as the atmosphere is very humid outside. All agreed on that. Just saw a hot girl walking along with us. I guess she works in some BPO in my building. Trying to make eye contacts with her. 😉 😉


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